The following is an excerpt from TEXASLIVE Magazine, September/October 2009, page23:

Sometimes the help of a medium/psychic such as Diane Gremmel may be enlisted. In addition to working with various law enforcement and investigative agencies, Diane is now part of the Lone Star Spirits team. She says she possesses the ability to communicate with those who have “crossed over.” Diane will go into a haunting with no previous knowledge of address, names or details. Based on “what it feels like in the house,” she deciphers “who” may be inhabiting the residence. Using her interpretation, Peter then proceeds to verify historical details of the house/business.

When asked what she would say to a skeptic, Diane replied, “Don’t assume. There may be explanations for what we sometimes experience that have nothing to do with tangible evidence. There is an entire ‘frontier’ that includes another realm of existence that we have yet to discover.”

U of H Daily Couger – November 4, 2009 By Holly Milkowski

The entertaining spell spent at Gray’s was less than helpful, but Brown remembers the woman she encountered at a clairvoyant conference who made her a believer in spiritual guidance — psychic Diane Gremmel.

Gremmel, voted “Best Psychic 2009” by the Houston Press, has given readings for more than 25 years. She can be found the first Saturday of each month at Marva’s Alternative Health & Psychic Fairs at the La Quinta Inn Galleria.

“I see (Gremmel) at least twice a year. The first time, I was skeptical, of course,” Brown said. “Two girls were on the doorstep after having their reading, and I was freaked out because they were both crying. I asked what was wrong, and one simply said I needed to go in, that I had no idea how much it would help me to talk to this lady.

“I couldn’t leave it at that, so after pressuring (her) a bit, she told me that the lady said she had a child growing in her. She didn’t believe it, and left because she thought she was just making it up. Soon she learned at a doctor appointment that she was two months pregnant, and didn’t even know it, and here she came back again to thank the woman.”

The story was enough of a catalyst to send Brown flying up the stairs to meet the woman, excited to learn what her future held in store. Brown did not offer any revealing personal information or ask specific questions, but Gremmel still correctly identified her future goals and unusual details from her past for an experience that Brown deemed well worth the fee.


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